How Lean Startup Is Shaping Startups

As somebody who thoroughly believes in the theory- keep pace with the time otherwise repent later, recommending lean startup to startups was an obvious choice.  However, I want to make it clear, it’s definitely not out of compulsion.



In fact, as a writer who delves into the success stories of startups, research on the success of lean startup methodology was an obvious choice. Do you know why??? While doping research on the success stories of startups, I came across many stumbling blocks, posing threat to the very existence of startups, including:

  • Resources.
  • Capital.
  • Customer base.
  • Contingency plan.

The aforementioned challenges are very much genuine, if not surmounted could lead to disaster. As a promising businessman you can’t afford that. Right!!! That’s why startups have always been on the lookout for a viable system, enabling them to surmount challenges being faced by them.

Lean Startup

For startups struggling to survive in the crowded market, emergence of lean startup was a big sigh of relief.  It was like a ray of hope behind the dark cloud!!! In general almost all the startups face similar kind of challenges. Lean Startup Methodology comprises a set of principles developed after a comprehensive research on the performance, operation, management of startups cutting across background, including manufacturing, supply, services, trading, and  retail among others.

Do you know why the Lean Startup Methodology is successful?

Developed after a comprehensive research, the lean startup methodology renders focus on validated learning, drawing lessons from experimentation, frequent launch of services and products among others. That’s why it’s a successful strategy.

Bank on the expertise of Innovify

Enabling startups in executing the lean startup methodology is not just a profession at Innovify. For us it’s a passion!! Driven by the spirit of our brilliant team onboard, we are enabling startups in the successful rollout of the lean startup methodology.


Leveraging The Lean Startup Principles

The lean startup movement has taken the startups by storm, enabling them is scaling up. That’s true!!! In fact, every startup, be it a manufacturing company or a service provider desires to swiftly move beyond the break even point. Unless you overpower break even point, you can’t visualize success. Nobody wants that to happen.

The Lean Startup Principles –

The emergence of lean startup is a huge blessing in disguise for the startups, enabling them in accomplishing their entrepreneurial objectives. Is lean startup system really paying dividend or just a creation of a rumor mill???

Lean startup lays emphasis on couple of interesting things. Focus on this tiny but significant statement, capturing the essence of lean startup

“Be innovative. Don’t waste your and people’s time. Focus on results and be more successful”.

Lean Startup

Well one thing is for sure – lean startup methodology hasn’t emerged overnight-its elements, theories, process are a result of deep research and development. Subsequently that helped in the evolution of principles of lean startup.

Broadly the lean startup methodology is divided into three key principles:

  • Deploy resources stringently.
  • Get customer feedback at the earliest.
  • Keep modifying your product or service as quickly.

Why the phenomenon is successful?

The lean startup methodology is swiftly impacting new as well as established organizations, enabling them reap fruit of their hard-work in stiff market competition.

Combining the expertise of our lean startup professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are delivering lean startup solutions, enabling startups in scaling their business goals.

A team of dedicated lean startup executives work in unison to deliver solutions to enterprises irrespective of their domain, matching global standards. That’s why within a short span of time, Innovify has created a niche in the business world!!!

Lean Startup Enables Steady And Consistent Growth

That’s really a genuine question-do lean startup principles enable startup companies in establishing their brand???

Do lean startup principles enable companies in realizing their business goals?

Are lean startup principles practically relevant???

Lean startup methodology is swiftly assuming significance in the corporate world especially for the future of startups. Market is abuzz with the term, leading to various speculations.

Whether the phenomenon works or not?

Industry experts are divided-some are in support, while some are against the new age development.

Let’s understand it

Deep dive into the lean startup model clearly suggests-whenever a new business is launched, it adheres to certain proven principles, system. These include validated learning; learn through experimentation, and frequent launch of services and products to name a few.

Why so? As startup face challenges galore in managing full-fledged operation, they follow certain austerity measures to cut down on operational cost.

Key Principles

The lean startup system focuses on the following principles:

  • Develop a featured rich viable product (MVP).
  • MVP lets you to experiment, test the market.
  • Banks on the continuous delivery model to rollout new features.
  • Banks on the viability test for different versions for different user segments.
  • Metrics based actions-don’t execute without measurement.

The aforementioned simple but pragmatic lean startup principles are enabling many startups in scaling greater success. That’s what every startup visualizes!!!

Keeping in view, lean startup’s viability, advantages, startups from different domains are taking it seriously. And why not!!! Though it’s not a very old phenomenon, more and more startups are trying to draw mileage out of it.

Innovify is a professionally managed company with expertise in successfully implementing the lean startup methodology. We are passionate about what we do-help startups in realizing their business goals!!! That’s why we are one of the trusted names in the lean startup methodology.

Lean Startup Is Very Crucial For Any Startup

Startup In Lean Way Keeps Your Hurdles Away

The heading of this article clearly reflects the market sentiments. Yes, indeed the new age businesses methodology is guiding startups towards success.

Changing market dynamics are throwing new challenges every now and then for startups, be it producing products in line with the demands of the market or investing in technology to manage business operation flawlessly. The odds are not with the startups. That’s sure. Now, what’s the solution?

Lean Startup

What Researches Says ?

The most pivotal question is-how startups can overcome market challenges without diluting their business interests? A research conducted by Shikhar Ghosh of Harvard Business School on the functioning of startups clearly shows-majority of startups face survival crisis.

As per research about 75% of the startups fail the litmus test to overcome market challenges. Eventually driving them to shut their shop! That’s the bitter truth of market; you can neither run away from it nor take it lightly.

The Way-Out

If there is a problem, there is a solution too!!! The emergence of lean startup methodology has been a blessing in disguise for many startups. Establishing a startup is no more that risky.

What In Fact Lean Startup Is ?

The lean startup methodology has been designed keeping in account the challenges being faced by startups, including establish as a brand, capital, break even point, and customer satisfaction among others.

The business focused system gives stress on shortening the product development cycle. That’s really very significant in defining the sustenance of startups. It comprises a set of business hypothesis driven experimentation developed through comprehensive research on the functioning, challenges of the startups. Considering the lean startup’s viability, more and more startup companies are aligning their operation with the system.

Innovify, a distinctly qualified company specializing in startups’ operation is enabling startup companies in successfully executing lean startup mechanism.

Lean Startup: Strike a Balance

Lean Startup: Strike a balance

Success doesn’t’ embrace easily!!! Startups have to toil hard, sweat hard, sacrifice hard to create a brand, beat the tough market competition. That’s true!!!

Lean Startup

The emergence of lean startup methodology too is playing a critical role in defining the future, growth of startups. It’s pivotal for startups to strike a balance between the lean startup methodology and vision. Why??? Reason being, your visionary planning will act as a cushion to fuel your growth, leveraging the lean startup methodology.

Just because you are implementing or have implemented lean startup process doesn’t mean you should have a laid-back attitude. There are many effective ways through which we can strike a balance between a lean startup methodology and a vision document of a startup company.

Research proves a point

Research proves-entrepreneurs who implement a vision document grow 30 percent faster in comparison to those entrepreneurs who don’t execute a vision document. This proves a point!!! Strategies which are not working in favor of your organization should be scrapped the moment they are identified, diagnosed.

No strategy is “tailor-made” or can’t be tweaked here and there to suit your requirement!!!

“Checks and balances”

“Checks and balances” is a very important strategy as a startup you can implement. Lean Startup methodology has been effective, fueling growth of many startups from across the globe. As the process is agile, you can plug the challenges as and when they are noticed.

Blending your vision document with lean startup, you are in fact formulating your own business strategy. That has the agility to counter market challenges.

Let’s understand this safe phenomenon with a more rational instance. When we are heading towards a shopping mall for a weekend shopping, our two wheeler might develop a technical snag in its engine. What should we do now??? Should we abandon the two wheeler there??? Should we keep on driving a mechanically defected scooter??? Or should we plug the deficiency before they change from worse to worst. The ideal scenario is- we should plug the deficiency before they change from worse to worst.

At Innovify, we are professionally qualified to enable startup execute lean startup methodology successfully.  A dedicated team with expertise in executing lean startup mechanism is helping emerging startups realize their strategic goals.

Why should startups leverages the lean startup methodology???

A simple adage succinctly says it all

“Go with the wind. Otherwise get ready for the repercussions”!!!

That’s absolutely true in many scenarios. Fully applies on enterprises too.

The emergence of lean startup methodology has been a game changer for many startups, giving a new lease of life to their business objectives. Changing market dynamics require tailor-made methodology to push your brand to the next level and surmount a wide array of challenges, including brand positioning, pre and post sale challenges, future.

Understanding the significance of lean startup in building a startup brand

A comprehensive research was carried out on different business processes integral to the smooth operation of startup enterprises, including sales and marketing, customer care, finance, HR, and IT among others before formulating a dedicated lean startup methodology. Why? It was necessitated as startup’s challenges; goals are different from established brands.

The startup focused lean startup methodology is tailor-made for startups. Let’s focus on some of its significance:

  • Addresses challenges, including existing and impending.
  • Scalable methodology.
  • Brings in value factor in the system.
  • Market focused products and services delivery model intended for early customers.
  • Good return on low investment.
  • Facilitates in establishing a brand.

 “Checks and Balances” system is also an integral part of the lean startup methodology intended to identify bottlenecks, challenges.

The strategic hypothesis recommends that startups stay lean to remain in competition. Lean here refers to strong enterprise qualities-remain agile, draw lessons from mistakes, bring change immediately and stay fit for market competition.

Research on lean startup methodology indicates that for a startup, there are only two priorities-establish as a brand and enough money in the account to run the business successfully.

At Innovify, we are distinctly qualified to enable your dream startup company execute lean startup successfully.  A dedicated team with expertise in executing lean startup mechanism is helping emerging startups realize their strategic goals.