Transform Startup through Startup Accelerator Methodologies

Many of you may not be aware with this term startup accelerator; however, it’s swiftly catching the imagination of entrepreneurs, enabling them to scale up.  As an entrepreneur, who doesn’t want to be in the league of winners, successful businessmen??? But not many new companies accomplish what they set out for.

Do you know why??? Almost all of them encounter similar kind of challenges, including lack of experience in running a startup, raising fund for investment, reaching out to new customers, and creating a brand among others.

Statistics on the future of startup further adds fuel to the fire. A comprehensive research conducted by a global management school Harvard Business School brings forth alarming findings. According to that research-75% of new companies fail to sustain the market pressure. Most of them encounter similar kind of challenges.

So, what’s the Way Out???

Management gurus, business leaders are very much on the same page when it comes to throwing weight behind startup accelerator. You can’t take leeway to undermine the significance of the amazing program.

In fact it’s custom made for new businesses. Do you know why they are in existence??? Significantly, the role of this methodology is to foster the growth of new businesses, providing facilities like office premises, mentorship, and access to technology, and industry expertise among others, leading them to growth.

Startup Accelerator

The main objective of startup accelerator is to play a role of a catalyst, leading to establishment of a new business as a brand. A term seed capital or sweat stake is very much integral to this mode of mentorship.

What Does Seed Capital Mean???

The startup accelerator, playing a critical role in transforming the future of your dream new company is also integral to your new enterprise. Reason being, the moment you endorse a deal with such organization, they assume the role of a stake holder, enabling you to grow, investing seed capital.

For a finite period of time (may vary from three to four months), experts collaborate with the new enterprise, enabling it to scaleup. In lieu of the services, they become equity holder. That stake may vary from a company to company and deal to deal.

We will transform your startup

Innovify is a leading startup accelerator, helping new businesses meet their strategic goals, scaleup. Buoyed by a team of technically qualified professionals, we work in cohesion with the founders, top management of the startup, helping them in successfully achieving what they wanted to accomplish as founders.


Fuel Your Startup’s Growth with Innovify’s Startup Incubator Methodologies

Are you planning to plunge into a business???

Are you seeking a reliable growth catalyst???

Do you think, you require a mentor to give shape to your dreams???

If your answer to these pertinent questions is yes, then it’s high time to get into the fold of a reliable startup incubator with proven hands-on experience, enabling new businesses to scaleup.

Shocking Statistics, You Can’t Undermine

Before you make up your mind to commence your new company, look into the alarming statistics pertaining to the scope of new businesses. A comprehensive research conducted by a globally famous business school Harvard Business School reads that about 75% of the new businesses crash fails to exist owing to cut throat market competition.

Startup Incubator

Let’s Focus On Some More Interesting Statistics

According to an exclusive research carried out by a leading organization, 3 out of 5 new businesses fail to face the market competition within their first 5 years of existence, leading to closure of the new business.  On the other hand, 4 out of 5 new businesses that leverage startup incubator program went on to become successful within the first five years. This figure clearly reflects the significance of the startup incubator.

Explore The Astonishing Innovify

Your search for a reliable partner with rich experience in mentoring startup ends @ Innovify. We are a leading startup incubator, having supported many new enterprises in accomplishing their strategic goals.

Our sole, one point agenda is to enable new businesses grow, providing them with the requisite operational support, financial, and technical services among others.


Combining brilliant experience of our team onboard and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are offering the following services:

  • Provide support in accounting/ financial management assistance
  • Guide in accumulating capital, bank loans
  • Provide support in developing relevant document
  • Support in creating a board of directors
  • Support in sales and marketing
  • Support in nurturing business etiquette
  • Support in exploring collaboration
  • Sharing comprehensive training
  • Help in exploring mentors
  • Provide assistance in business basics
  • Help in exploring networking opportunities
  • Support in with regulatory compliance
  • Provide support in intellectual property management and legal counsel

What else do you expect from your reliable partner!!! We can go to any extent to ensure the success of your dream business. Mutually we will work in cohesion. Right from the first step till the full-fledged commissioning, we will remain integral to your new enterprise, leading it to growth. That’s what you as a businessman expect from your business partner, mentor.

Uniqueness of Lean Startup

While starting your own startup, your first and foremost responsibility is to make it viable, overcoming a wide spectrum market’s survival challenges. Challenges could vary from startup to startup. However, more or less, almost all the startups encounter identical kind of challenges.

lean startup

As a businessman your dream is to keep your pet startup floated come what may. Though you know it’s not that simple. At every step, you have to face one problem or the other to keep your pet venture floating. At the same time, you want to ensure smooth running of your pet startup, overcoming all the hurdles.

As a research scholar who is regularly delving into the mechanism of startups, writing on startup wasn’t a challenge. However, I don’t want to receive any backlash, writing an immature recommendation.  I am quite confident, readers will benefit from my advice.

Challenges being faced by startups

  • Competition.
  • Lack of capital.
  • Lack of sponsors.
  • No history to back.
  • Planning constraint.
  • Lack of knowledge about the market.

Now the question arises-how startups can overcome these challenges.

Unique lean startup to push your startup towards sustainability

There are many theories and concepts, defining the mantra of success for startups. Lean startup is one of the most feasible, reliable and affordable mechanism, enabling startups in scaling up. Let’s make efforts to comprehend what in fact that mechanism is which is taking everybody by a storm.

Experts have defined the new age phenomenon as a mechanism to develop business focusing on the principles of lean production. It’s a mechanism that highlights on the ability to adapt, change quickly.

Lean startup is an approach to business development that is based on the principles of lean production, a manufacturing methodology that values a business’ ability to change quickly. That’s what matters in business. If your startup is facing issues in introducing a customer grabbing product or service, it’s high time for you to redefine it, remodel it, and reintroduce it. That’s what the new age phenomenon talks about. Interesting thing about this phenomenon is it works on three core principles-Build, Measure, and Learn.

We bring in substantial experience in lean startup implementation

At Innovify we bring in substantial experience on the table in the successfully implementation of the lean startup methodology. Backed by the expertise of our team members, we are enabling startups in running them profitably.

Leverage The Magic of Lean Startup

Starting a new company has been a challenge, and will remain so. There are strong reasons to corroborate the fact. Right from the moment you sow the seed of a startup, your tryst with the future of your pet startup begins.

As an entrepreneur, your first and foremost priority is to bring your pet startup at a break even point. The moment that happens, you, your team, resources get a most desired lift. Sounds simple!!! However, is it that simple? Not at all!!! Do you know why???
Startups’ founders must consider disturbing statistics before painting a drawing on a canvas about the future of your startup. A dedicated research by a leading business school Harvard Business School clearly suggests that 75% of startups fail to see the light of the day. This figure speaks volume, can never be undermined.

lean startup

A budding entrepreneur plunging into startup business can’t undermine this fact. In fact he/ she should consider the figure before venturing into startup. It’s like going on a sail with lifeboat. That’s true!!! Blindly don’t start a business!!!

Explore the Magic of Lean Startup

Do you know what separates a successful startup from an unsuccessful one??? There are couple of reasons. One could be banking on a plan that works when you are short of resources.

Industry insiders have been developing one theory after the other to fuel the growth of the startups. One such theory is lean startup. It’s a marvelous development, enabling startups in scaling up.

How Does the Phenomenon Work?

The well researched phenomenon helps in making the process of running a company less risky. It works on clear cut rules. Instead of favoring a comprehensive planning on how to run a startup, it focuses on learning from experimentation, customer feedback, and iterative design among others. Philosophy is to carryout experimentation in product development, services without taking risk.

Customer feedback plays a significant role in keeping the product/ service alive and company at large. That’s absolutely true!!! The moment you realize that a certain innovation is not producing result; you can plug it, saving yourself from future risks. That’s what you want as an owner of a startup.

The same methodology is applicable for innovation. You are free to innovate with your product/ service; however, as exclusive monitoring is in place, you can comfortably capture the flaws. And it pays off in the long run.

Leverage on Innovify’s Expertise in Lean Startup

At Innovify, fueling the growth of startup is not mere a business strategy, in fact it’s a passion. Our one point agenda is to enable startup scaleup. Leveraging the outstanding experience of our wonderful lean startup team, we are helping startups in overcoming the market challenges, including product/ service launch, customer feedback, and innovation among others.
Explore the phenomenon at Innovify at the earliest and watch your dream startup company grow.

Why Going Conventional? Lean Startup Is Really Incredible and Successful

The lean business theory is just incredible!!! As a founder of a startup, you are always looking for viable business techniques, enabling you realize your dream of managing a startup successful.

Research on the sustenance of lean startups show, majority of the startups fails to perform under stiff market competition. Reasons are galore, including lack of experience in managing a venture, short of concrete planning, and lack of contingency plan


Many theories have evolved to surmount the challenges being encountered by niches. Every theory came out with its own pros and cons. Some were appreciated while others were out rightly discarded.

As I’m doing research on the mechanism of businesses, their management style, challenges, recommending one theory or undermining the other has been a massive challenge for me. I never wanted to jump to any conclusion before absolutely ensuring its pitfalls or advantages. As a research scholar, it’s my primary duty to recommend a methodology to accelerate that works.  That’s my job as a research scholar!!!

Emergence of the lean startup

Industry leaders have been trying to come up with a feasible mechanism, enabling entrepreneurs in realizing their business goals. Lean startup is one such theory which is enabling them in overcoming market challenges. Interestingly the theory is widely accepted cutting across domains.

Whether you are from a manufacturing field or running a research organization, lean startup has answers for your pet startup. Speaking in terms of its key principles, it is broadly divided into three key pillars:

  • Deploy resources smartly.
  • Draw customer feedback at the earliest.
  • Bring in change in the product/ service at the earliest to keep pace with the changing market dynamics.

The aforementioned succinct principles clearly show how incubation can leverage lean startup mechanism to establish them as a brand.

Bank on Innovify

At Innovify, we are committed to execute lean startup mechanism in your pet startup organization successfully. There are many success stories. Within a short span of time, we have enabled many ventures in realizing their business goals.

Professionally qualified team of technocrats, administrators, and IT professionals among others with rich experience in lean startups work day in day out to ensure the success of your own start!!!