Business Process Improvement with Lean Startup

Lean startup is an approach to business development that is based on the principles of lean production, a manufacturing methodology that values a business’ ability to change quickly.A lean startup has a flat management structure and makes use of its resources in a flexible manner. Such a startup will trade long, rigid and expensive development cycles for shorter, iterative ones that focus on three phases: build, measure and learn.

Every business is a collection of processes. Those processes are broken down into primary and secondary.Primary processes create value, while secondary processes support them. Lean Startup is a process management philosophy and technique that focuses on managing and improving those processes. With the help of Lean practices, businesses are able to manage their processes better to provide a greater ROI to its investors.

Lean StartUpHow to do you think Lean benefits one’s career?

Lean benefits one’s career by making the person lively – providing them an opportunity to see things differently. A lot of times you go into an industry and its training on the job, the fact that people can walk in now and say “Why do we do this ?”, ”How are we measuring it?,” and “How do we know were making an improvement? ”The marketplace changes so rapidly in any industry – a problem solving mindset approach to business allows organizations to be lively, faster, better planners, faster change implementers, and allows them to effectively stay ahead of the competition by changing faster and learning to see challenges before they happen.

I think anyone can be successful using Lean thinking. I think it takes a certain amount of questioning. The person would have to be inquisitive. I would say that it does not necessarily need to be someone who is new and doesn’t know any better, but a person who can think that maybe there just isn’t one way to do things.

Lean Startup thinkers have to influence others to change their way of thinking and that’s not necessary in their direct line of control. There needs to be a certain amount of negotiating and a way of presenting the message in a way that the audience can hear it.

I am quite confident businesses will draw inspiration from this article. In this era of cut throat market competition, don’t start your business without a comprehensive plan. Though choice will be yours, you can’t undermine the importance of the wonderful phenomenon.


Live Life King-Size with Lean startup

I am quite sure that, the title of this blog sounds quite strange, but to be precise, for a businessman it is always a long cherished dream. Not easy for an entrepreneur to go to bed with a bliss, and sparkle in his eyes.

Reasons are obvious. Issues galore, focusing on problems, challenges, goals, future of the business is always there. This scenario multiplies in the case of first generation entrepreneurs, businessman.  And rightly so!

Typical Issues Being Faced By New Businesses

Talking about any new businesses – they encounter many challenges. Merely dream would not solve the purpose. As a new businessman, first generation businessman, you should come up with a spotless strategic plan to roll-out your dream product or service. In the case of established businesses, businessmen, story is completely different. As they come from a business environment, they bring hands on experience on the table. If you ask me it is a Game Changer. It is something that renders an edge to them. While new businesses, new businessman struggle.

There are many other challenges too, including capital, market, customer base, and competition among others.

Lead a life of a king, bank on the new phenomenon

Yes, that is true. If you are from a first generation of businessman family then don’t blindly put your money just for the sake of business. Learn the art of doing business successfully. Here I am going to highlight about the significance of a wonderful phenomenon – The Lean Startup Methodology of transforming the new businesses, companies, product, and services.

Let’s understand the key Principles of the incredible change for new companies   

  • Roll out a product with rich viability (MVP).
  • MVP lets you to experiment, test the market.
  • Focus on the continuous delivery model to execute new features.
  • Adhere to viability test.
  • Metrics based actions – no roll out without measurement.

That’s a wonderful development    

Sounds pretty cool! That is the beauty of the new phenomenon. Metrics based actions fuel the timely growth of your dream company. Leave your headache aside to successfully start a new business. Simply cash on the new age phenomenon.

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